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November 07, 2010



I guess my biggest question is, do kids really understand the dangers, or do they just give lip service to us old people who try to talk to them about it. I have tried and tried to discuss online safety with my 14 year old and all I get is "I know mom."


Is it fair for your parents to check up on your cell phone texting etc now & then if they are footing the bill?


I'd interview both Nik and Allegra. I'm curious to know what sort of information they'd share with a "stranger" (this could be the Facebook profile available for everyone to see, the friend of a friend of a friend, etc) online? I'm frequently amazed by the pictures that I am able to view on Facebook by people in my general network (but people that I do not know at all).


Do either one of them ever feel "the danger" of the predators on the internet? On facebook or through random texts they receive?


What percentage of people do they know text while driving? Any ideas how to best discourage this habit in teens?


Do your kids freely give out/post real names and/or numbers without a second thought? Or do they carefully consider what information they share with others online?

Emily C

I'm really curious as to what they and their friends think about kids who don't have cell phones. Is a teen doomed to no friends? Do they even care if their friends have phones?


Do your kids remain skeptical of things others reveal about themselves on the internet? How likely are they to believe someones purported age/sex/occupation?


Do they have a plan for if their phone is stolen/misplaced, and gets into the hands of someone they wouldn't want looking at it's contents? Life can be cruel in HS, and phones become the new diary of sorts... Just thinking of the possibilities now gives me the creeps.

A Simple Twist of Faith

Do any of your friends NOT have cell phones? How any hours a day to you spend on your phone?

belstaff chaquetas

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

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