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March 10, 2011


Mary Copeland

Our favorite family night is any night that Henry is home. This time he was home, I think we actually sat down to dinner every night the first week he was home. Sad that Sam calls this time, THE FEAST, because when Henry is gone, I cook for the boys, let them eat as I tend to my chores. I decided after that comment, I would let my chores wait. Who cares what our house looks like. But it was So nice to have some extra hands around. I purchased UNO- I think for the tenth time and we all actually enjoyed a card game every night after dinner. My Favorite Night any night I can actually "FEAST" with the kids!


Our favorite family fun night activity is playing board games. We especially like Apples to Apples and Cloud Nine. Card games by the Gamewright group are also a hit with all!


My boys like family-anything night! We do family game night, Wii night, and movie night. If they can have one of those with a breakfast-for-dinner night, they're in heaven!


Our favorite Family Fun Night is pizza and movies. My son is still pretty little, and when he gets bigger we'll probably incorporate board games, but for now movies work well for us.


Our favorite type of family night would have to center around doing something outdoorsy most of the day, coming home to a sumptuous dinner (which unfortunately almost always is made by moi) - and then a surprisingly good movie. I am so a non-game player...like the occasional apple to apple game...but that's my limit! :)

(Now would you like to hear of my *dream* family night -- VERY different. :))

Thanks for the opportunity - see the schwan's truck in our 'hood often - but have never ordered anything.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

My girls love board games, Sequence, Memory, and now a new Ladybug game.

I usually make pizza on Friday night, so Baked Ziti woul be a welcome break!


My daughter. and I watch tv, stuff she likes crime shows, I like hgtv and food shows, we take turns..I love spending time with my 15 year old..


Pizza and movies works for us!


We have a new favorite family night: we gather in the kitchen on Friday nights and make handmade, homemade tortillas (tortillas de maiz a mano), stuff them with toppings, and eat them hot of of the comal (griddle) while we listen to music and just hang out. Last time, we wrapped the night up with everyone picking a favorite picture book to read then had cookies and milk before bed.

Katie R

I love playing Scrabble with my family. We get quite competitive, and people get quite creative in their words. "I'm going to consult the Scrabble dictionary" is a common threat.


Our family loves to have a game night. We start with old favorites that the little girls can play-- Don't spill the beans and candy land. Then we move on to the new Lego game called Creationary and other older kid games. The little ones team up. Popcorn is always involved!

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