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August 01, 2011



Sounds like a great party!
If I have to pick a companion (rather than eating it straight from the can!), I think I'd go old school and say on a banana split!


Love the pictures! Even though it's a gazillion degrees here and HUMID, I love reddi-whip on hot chocolate.

Jodie in MN

It looks like so much fun! I love my reddi whip straight out of the can into my mouth. But if I must choose a companion, I'd have to say on my hot chocolate :)

Laura H

I used to LOVE eating berries with redi whip sprayed on them; strawberries particularly, but also stuff like blueberries. Apples too (ok, not a berry but good anyway). I'd forgotten about that somehow, thanks for the reminder :)


Well sorry we missed out on the fun. I never knew they have Chocolate, the boys will be thrilled. Truth be told, the boys have Reddi Wip every morning with strawberries. And yes, I do let them have a squirt in the mouth too- why not- although they need to watch what they eat, it is fun!


I love Reddi-whip. I'm not opposed to a simple squirt into the mouth from the can, but it's also pretty awesome on Haagen-Dazs Five chocolate ice cream.


Sounds like a fun time was had by all. My kids love fruit salad with Reddi Wip. We may have to try the chocolate if it doesn't have artificial colors.


we are big fans of redi whip. It is a part of our holiday traditions, topping all the pies, but if my 7-year-old had her way we would eat it every day!


Like others, I like Reddi-whip right from the can- so much that it doesn't last long around here!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Rick loved the chocolate whip, said it taste like mousse. We had a great time, thanks for inviting us!

Leslie Mooney

I love my Reddi-Whip on Pound Cake topped w/ Jersey peaches! But straight from the can is good too!


I definitely would love an iced chocolate coffee with whip on top. Yummo!!!


I would love it on a slice of pound cake topped with fresh berries of any kind. Yum!


I love Reddi-Whip on strawberry shortcake and I love the way you write reviews which are fun to read and always tell it like it is!



I like to just eat it. I didn't know you were supposed to put it on anything.


Soooo, they paid you to have a party - hmmmmm sign me up! Reddi-wip on ice cream with a bit of chocolate sauce is the bomb. Float a bit on the iced coffee as well.

becky dunnell

i like reddi-whip all by its lonesome! just squirt into a bowl & eat with a spoon...or spray directly into your mouth! YUM!


I love Reddi Whip on on waffles with peaches and maple syrup.

Terry Faulk

My daughter and husband would say "straight from the can". I like it on smoothies.


Reddi-Whip is great! I love it on top of ice cream and strawberries.

Meredith Byrd

I like it with a little fresh fruit and some mint! :)




my mouth, love just squirting in there, but also like it on strawberries or any berry for that matter...

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