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October 07, 2011



The advice from everyone on dealing with the upset child not wanting to talk was excellent/ Some very good informaiton there. Thanks for sharing the link!


Great information. I really appreciated the section on privacy and seeing how parents are handling FB, texting, etc.


As a first time mom to a temperamental three year old, I have to say that I always hear comments like, "Just wait 'til he's older". This has seriously got me shaking in my boots about what is 10 years down the road. This whole conversation is pretty enlightening in general. I don't think I'll be able to use my own behavior and experiences as a tween to base on how to deal with my own child because my circumstances were, well, different than most... but reading this conversation will DEFINITELY be stored for future use! Especially the part about not losing my cool. That will come in handy for sure!

becky dunnell

i liked the comment about telling your kids straight that they need to use deodorant, etc (like pointing out that people bully others due to odors, etc) -- very honest and to the point.


From the site, I really like the Mind Jar idea from Carmen - looking forward to trying it out. The section on opening up communication reminded me of a very helpful technique I learned from a parenting conference speaker, Michael Brandwein - he said "Lean with a teen". It really worked to help me get my teenage daughter to start opening up to me - leaning against her door post or wall gave her the message that I was staying and open to hear her out.


I appreciated the differing views on technology use and monitoring. We are entering that phase soon! I also appreciated the advice to LISTEN. Sometimes that's all we need to do, and I often forget that.


One thing that stuck with me is talking about the small stuff... that way you don't have to have one BIG conversation about stuff like puberty. I'm trying to start this with my younger boys... a little at a time.


I love Rosalind's book. It has helped me so much with my 10 year old DD. I love the link to the "mind jar". What a GREAT idea. Why didn't we think of that?


I like the section on listening and communication.

Julie L

The tips on learning and how 2 communicate with your kids-

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