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February 20, 2012



Well, I brush twice a day. Don't floss as often as I could though. I can't use Listerine. Too strong. I rinse with water after I brush. Does that count? Let's see how I do with the flossing thing this month.

Williams Schermer

I also brush, floss and rinse twice every day, though I only use a milder brand for my mouthwash. But I would love to try that Listerine. Well, as long as it will keep my breath fresh without stinging too much, then it's a good buy.


I love mouthwash but had to give up on the brands with alcohol (Listerine and the Target version of Listerine) after realizing they test on animals. I'm not trying to get political here. It's a personal decision whether to buy these brands. But that was it for me.

I've started using Tom's of Maine, but I gotta admit, I miss my orange Listerine. And orange Target rip-off Listerine.

I brush and rinse twice a day and floss once a day. It took me many failed starts to get into the habit of flossing once a day, so I'm not going to lose sleep over trying to do it twice a day. My dentist seems happy.

But I've noticed dentists and hygienists never actually recommend mouthwash, which makes me wonder if it really matters from an oral health perspective.

Molly Stevens

I try so hard to do everything in order to keep my mouth clean and healthy, but sometimes it seems so tedious! Especially in the morning when I am running late for work, or dropping my kids off at school. I try to see my dentist at least every other month for a good cleaning. The people at my dental office are just so thorough and really make my mouth feel clean!

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