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March 12, 2012



Buying toothbrushes that light up & change colors for different quadrants of the mouth was the best thing I did for my 9 & 11 year old kids. It's no longer a struggle to make sure they brush long enough, or thoroughly. We love the Listerine rinses, too -- it's an easy add-on after they brush to rinse.


It always astonishes me how my kids can "forget" to brush their teeth at night. I mean, it's not something we only do every third Thursday. Unfortunately, my best tip is to ask them when I'm tucking them in if they've brushed their teeth. If they say no, or "can't remember," I make them get up and do it.

Vicky C

My kid's incentive is that she knows her teeth will rot and fall out if she fails to brush and floss. I've mentioned this to her many times. She loves to brush and then breathe in my face for proof.

Jessie C.

DDs are always happy to pick up their own brushes and flavored toothpastes. This is how I encourage them to engage in healthy oral care habits.
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Each of our four children has a little plastic bucket stoked with toothbrush, toothpaste, rinse, floss and a timer. They set the timer for two minutes while brushing and that helps a lot. They keep their buckets in their rooms so they can carry them along to any sink in the house and not have to wait in line for one bathroom. I try to keep refills stocked up in a cupboard for them. The dentist always says they have good home care, so I am happy this is working!


My kids use Listerine Agent Cool Blue. It turns your teeth blue before you brush and then you have to make sure you brush it all off. Hilarity ensues... but so does proper brushing!

Emily C

The biggest thing I do with my little boys (5, 3, and 1) is to let them choose their own toothpaste and flossers. When they have their very own toothpaste whose flavor they like they're WAY more likely to remind me we're going to brush our teeth. And as for flossing, my littlest boys think the plastic colored flossers are AWESOME. My oldest tolerates it, but since we've ALWAYS done it, he knows it's part of the routine.

The right tools is the best thing I can recommend.

And "kissing" before bedtime to check and make sure their mouths are really clean.

Now if only anybody could help me remember to brush my kid's teeth in the AM we'd be getting somewhere!


Put an brightly colored egg timer in the bathroom and use it.

And sing a song in your head while you are brushing. Don't stop until you get to the chorus. (Or whatever part you decide that is a long enough time.)


My boys each get to pick out their own toothbrushes, and they use Listerine Smart Rinse. They love that stuff, but must brush first!

Marcia Goss

When my kids were young, I wanted products that tasted good. A kid is not going to brush and rinse willingly with toothpaste or mouthwash they don't like. Kids also like toothbrushes with princesses or superheroes on them. Anything to make them want to brush.

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