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May 08, 2012



A friend of mine introduced me to American Girl books when I was a kid. That year, I even had an "American Girl" birthday party with her. I was always drawn to Molly. In fact, that's who I dressed as for the party.


The Maiden LOVES the American Girl books and dolls. She discovered them at the library and really got into Molly--so much so that she saved her money for a year to buy herself a Molly doll, who is now part of the family (like, actually part of the family--she signed our family meeting agreement and everything! lol!). I guess the Molly books would be our favorites.

Oh, and I was interested to see that they had a few new mysteries out. We live in Louisiana so she'll be excited to read about the New Orleans girls a little further.

Katie R

"Molly Saves the Day" is one of my favorite American Girl books. I love the story about Molly's time at camp and her account of the game Capture the Flag.


I like Addy, but would be interested in one of the contemporary books. These books are wonderful reads!


my 8 year old has been reading all of the "mysteries". I have been reading some of the historical books to my 6 year old - our favorite has been the molly series.. the last book - when she's waiting for her dad to come home... I was all choked up reading it!


My daughter and I LOVE Kitt Kitteredge. It has a bit of mystery, but great life lessons. She also learned a lot about the Depression and it was a great way to reinforce how thankful she should be for simple things-- food, clothing and shelter. We read a chapter a night before I put her to bed, and it made for some very special memories.

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