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June 11, 2012



Sitting under an umbrella in the pool :)


Being on or in the water in any capacity. Kayaking, floating whatever is available.

Melanie Sargeant

I love swimming and bike riding!

Mary Copeland

What better Summertime activity than baseball!


Taking a walk in the park or a day at the neighborhood pool.


Hanging out in the yard - gardening, throwing the baseball around (practicing w/11yo) or watching my little on his playset. Just enjoying being o u t!

Thanks for the opportunity. We are taking sun safety up-a-notch this summer.

Michele D

Swimming for my kids. Hands down favorite thing. They are both fish. I myself prefer the screened in porch with a book outdoor activity.


love to swim and play volleyball


I really enjoy gardening. Does that count for an activity? Not if you are my 8 year old son. He enjoys waterparks. I hate them. We have not gone yet, but when we do, we're gonna need lots of sunscreen.


this sunblock caused some serious flaking and eczema on my 8 year old daughter's face. I would no recommend for anyone with sensitive skin.


sorry, that should have been NOT recommend.

Joanna Rocha

It is not advisable to stay over time under the sun. Even if you have the sun protection, it is not a guarantee that you spare yourself from danger.

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