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  • What's all this?
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June 18, 2012



It's developed by always young LLC. I am wandering if it would result in a positive drug test (according to the NCAA) if you used it?. The only one I see is DHEA, but at such a small level of 30x /30c?.


I would probably like the cherry. Though I usually use the vanilla or honey flavored in my smoothies. That way the flavored yogurt doesn't overpow the flavors in the smoothie.


I would love to try the honey. I've always loved yogurt, and always gotten along nicely with lots of yogurts mixed with fruit. But I've been trying to expand my tastebuds a bit, and I've never had yogurt with honey. (That flavor begs to have granola added, I think.)

Katie R

I've never seen this brand of yogurt, but it sounds good, particularly the strawberry!


I'm new to greek yogurt, and would love to try the vanilla


I haven't tried greek yogurt yet either, but the honey sounds yummy.

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