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July 02, 2012



I have talked to a lot of parents here in the Charlottesville area who tell me their 16- and 17-year-olds are in no hurry to get their licenses. I think this may reflect a little bit of parents who are perfectly willing to still drive Junior around with a smile on their faces, but I'm also hearing the kids are scared. I was too, but my mom pushed me to drive. Maybe it's good that they're scared. There seems to be at least one fatal accident involving teens in our area every year.

I considered a blue candy Ford Fiesta when I was buying a car earlier this year, but eventually the Mazda3 won my heart. Ford makes nice small cars, though. My mom had a Ford Escort for years and loved it.


I also will not speak to you again if you visit pro sports arenas & go on-field unaccompanied by your personal paparazzi (me!) How cool is that?!?!?!?
And I hope not everyone that reads my psycho stalker posts thinks I'm serious... although we know some will lol


Sounds like a really interesting time! And I'm loving your field goal outfit! :D


My teen daughter is scared to drive, too. I don't mind driving her to her job and back because I have to be there at some point, too. (The Y.) However, I do think she's missing out on a bit of independence by not driving on her own.

As for the kicking? You did great, way better than I would have! (Loved the dress, too!)

If I had to guess a walking score for where we live? I'd have to say it would be bad. Very bad. (Granted, I can walk to the library, our bank and the drugstore from where we live. However, hubs has to drive 20 miles for his job and so does Daughter.)

Loved hearing about all your experiences!

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Sarah in Ottawa

I grew up in suburban Toronto, in a town where the folks fought AGAINST non-commuter public transit (apparently, they thought it brought in the riff raff?) and went to the Catholic high school in the next town over. This was the mid-90s and we were all DESPERATE to get our licenses. When I hit University, though, I was surprised by the number of folks who didn't have them. Many came from more urban settings where transit was awesome so just didn't need it.

Now that I live in a city where a bus pass is issued to every middle and high school student and where transit is excellent, I rarely hear about a high schooler who drives. Lots of cyclists, lots of kids on the bus. There was a huge article on it in Canada's national news magazine using Statistics Canada data to back it up, too.

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