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August 29, 2012



Coffee! Must have milk in coffee. Also, my daughter loves rice pudding from scratch any time. With milk of course.

becky dunnell

i love french toast for breakfast! and milk to drink with it, so i get plenty of calcium & vitamins when i have the time to make it :)


My favorite use for milk is a big, cold glass of milk! I can drink a half a gallon every other day! Ever since I was pregnant(17 years ago) I have craved milk. I just love it and I know it helps with my nails.


Starbucks skinny tall mocha with nonfat milk. But French toast would be so much better!


French bread! I don't make it that often but it is so yummy! And of course coffe:)


We would drink it! With 3 boys we go through 5 gallons a week!


Nothing better than pouring it over baked oatmeal. YUM!

*Just curious, what makes this "mother/daughter" specific....couldn't it be for boys too? The apron maybe? Though my husband rocks an apron like no other. LOL


My daughter is partial to smoothies: Vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries, and milk. Quick, yummy, and nutritious. I, of course, require milk or cream for my coffee. Without which I cannot safely operate the blender for her smoothie.


Definitely coffee!

Katie R

I love to use milk on cereal. Usually I mix Fiber One with Frosted Cheerios.

Terry Faulk

Straight up!!


Milk on oatmeal! So good!

Jennifer Jessup


Jennifer B

We use milk at breakfast the old fashioned way: in cereal! My kids love to slurp the "sweet" milk at the end of the bowl!


Smoothies and oatmeal!


My kids love to just drink milk. I use it in scrambled eggs, french toast, and smoothies.


MUST have milk in my coffee!!!!!!!

Emily C

What an adorable basket! I'm trying to find a good source for boxed milk (they don't sell it at my son's school unless you purchase the full lunch) to put in my son's lunches.

We go through about 4 gallons a week around here, I'm terrified for how it's going to be when my little boys are teenagers.


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