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  • What's all this?
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August 28, 2012


becky dunnell

I think I would want the school supply pack -- it would be great as a teacher to have the extras for students who can not afford the items or keep losing them.


Why is the Women's pack the most expensive? lol

I'd go for school or snacks!!


Back to class care package.Can never have enough food.


The womens care package. Food can be found or scrounged. But, hair care products and feminine products are a must have.


Men's package, but for my husband (not a student). He has a very detailed "beauty regime and I'm tired of shopping for all his "products" LOL


I would go with the snack package.

Meredith R

The snack pack for sure! I am always trying to think of ways to make packed lunches less boring.


The Snack Pack- lots of goodies in there!!!


Snack pack for sure. Might even get an extra one for home!

Stacey B.

Snack pack...with 6 kids in school and a little one at home - packing/having snacks is a must.


The snack package is amazing! That's what I would pick, however the emergency preparedness kit would be great as well.

Terri Cataldo

The men's package. I have a 14 year old metro-sexual. He has expensive taste!


The snack pack would be the winner in our household!

Angela Maddox

I would love the women's bundle. Why? Well, cause I tend to care of me last and it would be nice to be stocked up on the basics.


I like the men's bundle. I have three teenage boys . . . we need it all!


The men's bundle. I have three boys - it would be awesome!


I'd say the men's bundle since I have a boy. Snacks and school supplies can be borrowed or scrounged like someone else said.


The woman's bundle definately.


I don't have a kid in college yet, but I have fond memories of care packages from my dad filled with dental floss and tampons. Yes. He was a man who was unafraid to stride into a store and buy tampons for his daughter. So I woudd totally get the women's bundle for my daughter. What a great idea.

Jen S

The school supply bundle is probably the most useful for me.

Katie R

The Back to Class Snack Pack is filled with all sorts of yummy treats!


As a mom who ALWAYS has snacks in her purse, the Snack Pack would be the one I'd most likely send! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Jennifer Jessup

Snack pack for sure... A kids gotta eat! Lol!

Jennifer B

ooo Snack pack: great for lunches!


Either the Back to Class or the Men's Personal Care (because they never remember to tell me what they need)!


Oh I love Sam's Club. So much. I'd totally purchase the 'Back to Class Snack Pack' because my kids, they won't stop snacking!


I'd go with the Back to Class Snack Pack--no college kids here (yet), but middle schoolers love to snack!


Snack Pack. Because I do most of the shopping, he would have no idea where to find his favorites!!! :)


I like the School Supplies Care Package. My seventeen year old Daughter writes constantly and goes through notebooks and pens like mad. She has stacks and stacks of used notebooks and someday I just know she's going to be a writer. That care package would help her keep working toward her goal.


The women's care package is nice because it provides essentials, especially the tampons. My daughter has never had to go out and buy those herself. She will have to learn, but that would at least buy her some time!! LOL


The women's package! My daughter is away at school and something like this is so, so helpful. I'm in grad school myself, so any time I don't have to go out and gather myself...golden!


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