What's all this?

  • What's all this?
    Here's where you can find the dirt on the products I'm sent to review. I'll share it all with you - the good, the bad, the indifferent.

Invisalign Mom Advisory Board

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September 04, 2012



I clicked "count me in" but I didn't see anywhere to "share".

Oh and the link is bad. You've got "http://momtothescreamingmasses.typepad.com/scrutiny_by_the_masses/2012/09/The2ndTalk.com" and it should be just the last bit. :-)

Emily C

I went and shared my mother's (and my own) story regarding menopause. She had a hysterectomy in her thirties, and has struggled to identify the approach and onset of menopause. Unable to tell when her monthly cycles have ended, she feels that she has no valid excuse to mention any complaints that sound like those of a menopausal woman.

I don't have need for poise products at present, but I would guess the local food bank or shelter could use them.

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Hi LizP, Emily C!!!

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The link above didn't work for me :(

My mom died at 48 from cancer and chemotherapy accelerated menopause for her so I have absolutely no idea what to expect from it; I'm just hoping I stick around longer than another 8 years...


Ugh. I think it's a cruel joke that women tend to start perimenopause or menopause about the time their kids are teenagers. REALLY? Do you now want them to survive? Because it's not looking good.

sabrina d.

My mom passed away when I was 11 and she was 36 so I have no frame.of.reference for menopause. I lived with my grandmother who had gone through it.long before I moved in...


I'm not at the menopause phase but I sure could use a $50 giftcard!

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