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  • What's all this?
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December 01, 2012



Silk, not that I actually own them, lol!


Egyptian cotton!!

Headless Mom

I'd love to try some of those sheets. We need new sheets anyway. Ahem.

I used to love flannel sheets until I started, um, 'going through the change'. Stupid menopause.


High-thread count cotton!

Amy, Chicago baby photographer

Ridiculously high thread count cotton-- the kind we would never buy for ourselves, but my grandma is a sheet snob too and gifted us a set for Christmas 4 years ago... The only sheets ever on our bed (if I kid pukes we are screwed and resort to sleeping bags while they wash)


Plain old cotton are my favorite.. There's just something about the smell and feel of slipping between a set of clean cotton sheets fresh from the dryer.... It's the simple things that do it for me. :)

Katie M

I love crisp sheets. Pottery Barn sheets are pretty great!


Jersey! I just love LOVE how they feel!


OMG. I totally had a "Wait, they don't sleep in the same bed? TMI!" moment before I read on about the beds being pushed together. Which sounds totally scandalous, by the way!

How do I choose just one pair of favorite sheets? I love sheets. I guess it's a toss-up between my beech cotton ones, which are warm and slippery and sleek and soft or my 400-thread count purple ones that my mom got me. I am NOT a thread count snob, because I've felt very expensive 800-thread-count sheets that really weren't that great, but these ones are. I also love my Target Simply Shabby Chic ones that are light and crisp in the summer.

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