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April 01, 2013



I love the Jenelle! I'd have a hard time choosing between the black and the red.... *fingers crossed!* I'm a teacher, and I've noticed that the older I get (ahem!), the more I need the support of a great shoe. I'd love to win these!


I love ALL of them, but I'd pick the second pair down. Or the blue ones with the back strap. Or the first pair down. Or, um, a bank robbery and then all of them.

OK, if I can only choose one, I'm going with the blue ones. I could wear them to work with several of my dresses. I think I could easily find something to wear them with 2-3 times a week.

My co-worker has Dankos and also loves them. I have to admit I don't own any because the price tag is a little scary, but they're on my wish list.


The blue shiny slides are amazing! I love having my heels uncovered but get tired of having flip-flops with the thingie between my toes. Those would be perfect! And Danskos are super comfy.


Ooohhhh I want the orange sandal ones. I am a huge fan. I own two of the clogs and one pair of sandals already.


The Janie in blue or brown would definitely be my choice. I've always wanted a pair of Danskos, but as a grad student they are out of my price range. A professor at university swears by them - says they're the only shoes she can wear, and recently I had a foot injury, so I need to be investing in better shoes. These would be perfect, because I need to get some sandals for the warmer weather coming up that look nice, but also take care of my feet. Fingers are crossed to be lucky to win them!


I like the Janelle red patent. I am also getting to that "age" when I need good shoes, but I am so cheap I don't want to spend $100 on ONE pair of shoes! I'm conflicted. Do they last a long long time?


I LOVE the two sandals in the orangey/coral color. Very cute and I would love to try out a show I have heard such great things about!


I like the Janie in the metallic pewter-would go with just about everything. I tend to buy only black sandals and am kinda sick of them . .

Holly H

Wow, that is surprisingly hard, there are four that I really like, the Janie, the Sophie, the Donna and the Nigella. I have a very high bridge on my feet however and I have found that many sandals do not fit well, so I would try the Sophie first because they are adjustable, I would have to try on the others in person just in case...

I would want any or all of them in black, black goes with everything, everything I own at least!

Now, I live in my sandals, winter, summer, it does not matter, so I would wear them everywhere if they are as comfortable as you say. I have some major back issues, so finding comfortable shoes are a must!

Thank you for sharing these with us, even if I don't win I am going to have to check these out, though for those prices I will be checking them out for a while before I save up enough to buy them...


My favorite is the second one from the top. I have some foot issues and this one looks like it would manage all of them and looks cute, too!


Blue slide with the buttons. Would wear them this summer when it isn't raining!


I love the Jenelle in brown. They would be my go to shoe for the summer, hands down.
I just spent 4 days walking the sites in Washington, DC with my son's 8th grade class and wore my Dansko clogs every day...love them!


All of them! I have foot issues and I couldn't narrow down my choice! Love them all!


I like the Tillly in Crimson. I've been in the market for a pair of Dansko sandals, and to not have to spend the $$ on them would be fabulous. I have a pair of regular dansko closed back clogs in brown, black and blue. I also have a pair of the pippa's that I thought I wasn't going to enjoy, but I like them a lot.


Ooh, the Jenelle are quite pretty!


I really like the Sophie in Sand Dollar. I've heard these are so comfy. Would love to try them out!


I love any of the sandals with a back strap! Bad knees + plantar fascitis = not yet 40 but heading down the comfy shoe route...


I would love to try the Jenelle.


In the winter I would totally do the Nadine with all manner of winter clothing for work. In the summer I will take the Jovie in red and blue. The possibilities are endless - picnics, walks in the sun, meet ta friend for coffee al fresco. Love...............

Jen M

I love Danskos! I am a preschool para in an elementary school so I am on my feet all day! My first Dansko clogs were purchased shortly after I started and now that just about is all I wear during the school year. I have yet to try and Dansko sandals but would love to add the Jenelle into my rotation once the weather cooperated here in NH!

Judy Patterson

My feet love Danskos!! I would love a pair of red Jenelle Danskos.

Lynn Jacobs

The pewter Jovies are the ones I would like most. I'd wear them EVERYWHERE, but especially in Montreal when we go this summer. I'll need good looks to match function!


I would so go with the red flip-flops! When I was small, all I wanted for my birthday was red shoes...every year I would ask for them, but alas, they did not make red shoes for kids at that time. Love flip-flops too!!

jackie french

I like the blue ones with the back strap and the black ones on top.

Stacey Bossio

I think I would pick the blue Janie. Its hard to find blue sandals. knowing me in shoes I would wear them everyday until they wore out.

Cora Opsahl

Like most everyone else I would love the Jenelle. They are a classic flip flop but look classy. I love wearing flip flops and this is a pair I could even wear to work without them looking too casual.


I like the Jess in bronze (8th one down). I would wear them most everywhere. I love a sandal that is durable and looks good.


I like the Jovie Coffee Swirl sandals! I'd wear them everywhere. I think these would work for errands, church, dinner out...They're cute!


I love the jute mules. Spunky!


I'd wear anything that came in a wide & goes well with tequila! hahahaha
Have you seen my sandals, that I wear everyday, everywhere?
Macklemore wouldn't even pay $0.99!

Beth a.

I like the Janie Blue Patent sandals. And I'd wear them EVERYWHERE.


the black mules for my mom!

Kimberly P

I love them all and have always wanted to try Danskos...if I had to choose I think I'd go with the fifth pair from the top.


I love the Janie in Bronze Metallic. They'd be perfect to wear at BlogHer this year. (Or the beach, or just to the grocery.)

Dansko is the shoe of choice for most nurses I know - when I worked in the hospital, I loved my comfy white Dansko clogs!


8th pair down and wear them everywhere!!


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